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Board Reaffirms Local Curriculum Control, Seeks Parental Involvement Rule

The Utah State Board of Education voted Friday, June 6, 2014, to reaffirm that local school districts and charter schools maintain control over all curriculum and pedagogy issues, including math curriculum.

The Board also asked that discussion begin in August on creating a new board rule requiring districts and charters to set up a formal system for parents and patrons to raise concerns over curriculum.

As background: The Utah State Board of Education adopted the Common Core State Standards as Utah’s Mathematics Standards in 2010, including the international course alignment model. Since then, the Board has studied the implementation of the mathematics standards in three separate meetings. Parents and teachers have also responded to the implementation of the core by sharing both anticipated and unanticipated challenges and successes.

About the Mathematics Standards:
• They are integrated in nature and coursework, and instructional processes reflect this change.
• The standards focus on conceptual development, along with procedural skill, and are thus more rigorous than previous standards.
• Implementation of the standards has revealed areas that could be improved in the math standards.

The Board was provided this document by Utah State Office of Education staff prior to its discussion about the math standards.


Utah State Board of Education
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