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State School Board responds to Governor’s remarks on education

The following is the statement issued by the Utah State Board of Education in response to Utah Gov. Gary Herbert’s remarks on education issues:

“The State Board of Education appreciates the Governor’s message in support of our commitment to high educational standards for Utah’s children. We share his concern over the proper role of government and look forward to receiving the Attorney General’s report.

We are especially appreciative of his concern over student data privacy. Last year, the Board passed a resolution affirming our commitment to student privacy in an increasingly digital world.

For decades, the Board has regularly reviewed educational standards and involves numerous stakeholders in the process. We look forward to receiving additional feedback from higher education on our current standards.

We also welcome the Governor’s push to fund teacher professional development; our teachers are overwhelmed with major changes and desperately need continued training in order to implement best practices.

We look forward to working with the Governor, legislators, educators and parents to find Utah solutions for Utah students.”




Emilie Wheeler, Communications Specialist
Utah State Board of Education
Phone: 801-707-8421

Utah State Board of Education
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