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Utah State Board of Education and Staff to Use One Name

The Utah State Board of Education and its office staff will formally discontinue the use of the name “Utah State Office of Education” on July 1, 2016.

The State Board voted in April to sunset the use of “Utah State Office of Education” to eliminate confusion that there are two entities with potentially competing policy positions. Effective immediately, elected officials of the Board and their staff will be referred to as the Utah State Board of Education.

The adjustment will not lead to changes in operations and services offered by the approximate 330 staff members working for the Utah State Board of Education.

“This change unifies us not just in purpose but in name and formalizes work done over the past few years to create one team and one voice,” said State Superintendent Sydnee Dickson.

Minor changes to building signage and office documents are in process. Additionally, new and existing contracts will be adjusted if needed, and website changes are moving forward.

“Unifying in name will eliminate confusion that has likely weakened our ability to effectively communicate and advocate for students,” said State Board Chair David Crandall.

The State Board in 1979 voted to create the pseudo-separate entity of the USOE, although office staff continued to carry out the will of the Board. The alteration was never followed by any formal change in state statute, although conflicting language was added over the years. State Rep. Bruce Cutler’s House Bill 147 from this year’s Legislative General Session deletes all mention of USOE in code. This change allows for a return to the constitutionally recognized name in all cases.

The Utah State Board of Education requests that media outlets discontinue use of “Utah State Office of Education” or “USOE,” and that stakeholder groups change language in correspondence and formal documents accordingly.

Emilie Wheeler, communication specialist
Utah State Board of Education
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Utah State Board of Education
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