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Notice of Vacancy/Call for Nominations: Digital Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee

Name of organization: Digital Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee

Date Posted: February 3, 2017

Date nominations are due to Board Secretary:  March 3, 2017

Brief background of what the organization does and the reference in statute or rule establishing the organization: The Digital Teaching and Learning Qualifying Grant Program for Local Education Agencies (LEAs) was created in accordance with Utah Code Section 53A-1-1501 ( and Utah State Board of Education rule R277-922 (  The USBE provides technical support for the grant application, provides implementation support for LEAs, and monitors outcomes associated with the legislation and board rule.

The advisory committee shall:
(a) oversee review of an LEA plan to determine whether the LEA plan meets the criteria described in Section R277-922-8;
(b) make a recommendation to the Superintendent and the Board on whether the Board should approve or deny an LEA plan;
(c) make recommendations to an LEA on how the LEA may improve the LEA’s plan; and
(d) perform other duties as directed by:
(i) the Board; or
(ii) the Superintendent.
(4) The advisory committee may select additional LEA plan reviewers to assist the advisory committee with the work described in Subsection (3).
(5) The advisory committee, or the Superintendent on behalf of the advisory committee, shall present the advisory committee’s recommendations on whether to approve or deny each LEA plan to the Board for the Board’s approval.

Who the group advises:  The Utah State Board of Education

Number vacancies:  1

Specific representation needed for each vacancy and terms of appointment: One member who has earned a national certification in education technology that may include a certification from the Certified Education Technology Leader from the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN).

Person(s) currently in the positions open for vacancy and their representation:
Charlie Roberts, Director of Technology – Washington School District, CoSN Certified

Meetings (specific dates or how often the group meets, where, and for how long): The review committee will meet monthly for a two-hour meeting, with two 2-day review periods scheduled for August and September.  The 2017 schedule is included below:

June 19:          1:00 p.m-3:00 p.m                T&L Conference Room
Aug 24-25:      8:00 a.m-5:00 p.m               North & South Board Rooms
Sept 21-22:     8:00 a.m-5:00 p.m               North & South Board Rooms
Oct 19:            9:00 a.m-11:00 a.m               T&L Conference Room
Dec 12:            9:00 a.m-11:00 a.m              T&L Conference Room

The dates and times for 2018 will be established in coordination with the review committee upon approval of membership by the Utah State Board of Education.

Other information: This appointment will begin in June 2017.

Contact for questions:  Sarah Young, Coordinator for Digital Teaching and Learning,, (801) 538-7959

Nomination and Bio Submission:  If you are interested in serving on this organization, please fill out the attached application and submit a brief bio or resume to Lorraine Austin at

Utah State Board of Education
Advisory Committee Application Form
Digital Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee

Please briefly answer the following questions and send the application, your resume or bio, and any accompanying information to Board Secretary Lorraine Austin at

1.     Name:

2.     Contact information

a.     Phone:

b.     Email:

c.      Mailing address:

3.     What qualifies you for the advertised position?

4.     Why do you want to serve on this committee?

Utah State Board of Education
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