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Board Mission

The Vision and Mission of Utah Public Education

Promises to Keep is a statement of vision and mission for Utah’s system of public education. The statement relies on the language of the Utah Constitution for its central premise. It is intended to provide focus to the work of the State Board of Education, the Utah State Office of Education, and all school districts, local boards of education, and charter schools within the general control and supervision of the Board.

The Vision of Public Education

Utah’s Public Education System is created in the state Constitution to “secure and perpetuate” freedom. Freedom, as envisioned in the Utah Constitution, is a promise to future generations that requires:

  • Citizen participation in civic and political affairs.
  • Economic prosperity for the community.
  • Strong moral and social values.
  • Loyalty and commitment to constitutional government.

The premise of Promises to Keep is that there are essential core “promises” that leaders in the public education system should be clear about with citizens of Utah; that these “promises” are made as part of the civic compact at work as the citizens of Utah give into our hands resources for the public education system; that citizens should have high expectations regarding our success in the essential “promised” work of public education.

 The Mission of Public Education

Utah’s Public Education System keeps its constitutional promise by:

  • Ensuring literacy and numeracy for all Utah children.
  • Providing high quality instruction for all Utah children.
  • Establishing curriculum with high standards and relevance for all Utah children.
  • Requiring effective assessment to inform high quality instruction and accountability.
Utah State Board of Education
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