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2017 Utah State Board of Education
Internal Committee Assignments

Board Executive Committee
Mark Huntsman, Chair
Terryl Warner, 1st Vice Chair
Brittney Cummins, 2nd Vice Chair
Alisa Ellis, 3rd Vice Chair
Sydnee Dickson, Superintendent
Staff: Scott Jones, Rich Nye, Angie Stallings
Secretary: Lorraine Austin

Audit Committee
Terryl Warner, Chair
Brittney Cummins, Vice Chair
Laura Belnap
Alisa Ellis
Mark Huntsman
Staff: Debbie Davis

Finance Committee
Mark Huntsman, Chair
Joel Wright, Vice Chair
Janet Cannon
Brittney Cummins
Kathleen Riebe
Staff: Scott Jones, Deputy Superintendent of Operations
Secretary: Cammy Wilcox

Standards and Assessment Committee
Laura Belnap, Chair
Lisa Cummins
Jennifer Graviet
Spencer Stokes
Terryl Warner
Staff: Rich Nye, Deputy Superintendent
Secretary: Cheri Rieben

Law and Licensing Committee
Linda Hansen, Chair
Michelle Boulter
Alisa Ellis
Carol Lear
Scott Neilson
Staff: Angie Stallings, Deputy Superintendent
Secretary: Cybil Child

Utah State Board of Education
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