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Notice of Vacancy/Call for Nominations: Trust Advisory Committee (TAC)

Name of organization: Trust Advisory Committee (TAC)

Date Posted: February 3, 2017

Date nominations are due to Board Secretary: April 20, 2017

Brief background of what the organization does and the reference in statute or rule establishing the organization: State Board Resolution 2016-4, Resolution Establishing the Trust Advisory Committee, creates a committee to advise the Board, through the School Children’s Trust Section, regarding school trust lands and funds, school community councils, and the School LAND Trust Program and to assist the School Children’s Trust Section to disseminate information to the education community about how to implement the Board’s policies, programs, rules, and procedures.

Who the group advises: State Board of Education through School Children’s Trust Director, School & Institutional Trust Lands Administration, School & Institutional Trust Fund Office

Number vacancies: 4

Specific representation needed for each vacancy and terms of appointment:

1 – School district superintendent (one 2-year term)
1 – Member of the charter school community with expertise in trust lands or the School LAND Trust Program (one 2-year term
1 – Member from the Board’s Advisory Committee for Equity of Educational Services for Students (ACCESS) (one 2-year term)
1 – School district or charter school business administrator (one 2-year term)

Meetings (specific dates or how often the group meets, where, and for how long): Monthly meetings held at the Utah PTA office in Murray, for 90 minutes.

Contact for questions: Karen Rupp

Nomination and Bio Submission: If you are interested in serving on this organization, please fill out the application found below and submit a brief bio or resume to Lorraine Austin at

Utah State Board of Education
Advisory Committee Application Form

Please briefly answer the following questions and send the application, your resume or bio, and any accompanying information to Board Secretary Lorraine Austin at

1. Name:

2. Contact information

a. Phone:
b. Email:
c. Mailing address:

3. What qualifies you for the advertised position?

4. Why do you want to serve on this committee?

Utah State Board of Education
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