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Notice of Vacancy/Call for nominations: Utah Statewide Independent Living Council


Name of organization:  Utah Statewide Independent Living Council – (USILC)

Date Posted:  May 11, 2015

Date nominations are due to Board Secretary:  June 5, 2015

Brief background of what the organization does and the reference in statute or rule establishing the organization: The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended (the Rehabilitation Act) established Statewide Independent Living Councils (SILCs), under Section 705.

The Council is a partner in Utah’s Independent Living Program network, coordinating with the Centers for Independent Living, the Designated State Unit and the general public. The purpose of the council is to work with the IL network to enhance IL services and opportunities for people with disabilities throughout Utah and to help facilitate the planning process of the growth and effectiveness of the Utah IL Network.

The mission of the Utah Statewide Independent Living Council is to promote the full inclusion, independence and empowerment of people with disabilities through statewide advocacy, systems change, coordination, education, networking, resource development and enhancement of independent living services.

Who the group advises: The Independent Living network and the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation.

Number vacancies:  9

Specific representation needed for each vacancy and terms of appointment:  
4 – Person with a disability
1 – Person with a disability – Youth
1 – Person with or without a disability
1 – Association of Independent Living Utah Representative
1 – Representative Utah Housing Coalition (Ex-Officio member)
1 – Utah State Office of Rehabilitation, DSU (Ex-Officio member)

Terms of appointment: 3 years; no longer than two consecutive full terms

Person(s) currently in positions noticed for vacancy and their representation:
Robert Ferris, Person with a disability
Andrea Pitts, Person with a disability
Lester Ruesch, Person with a disability
Matthew Huskinson, Person with a disability – Youth
Jeff Sheen, Person with a disability
Travis Morgan, Section 121 Representative
Sandra Curcio, Association of Independent Living Utah (AILU) Representative
Barbara Stallone, Utah Housing Coalition Representative (Ex-Officio member)
John Woeste, Utah State Office of Rehabilitation, DSU (Ex-Officio member)

Meetings (how often, where, and for how long):  Meetings are held bi-monthly, typically along the Wasatch Front from 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Contact for questions:  Brooke Wilson, 801-463-1592,

Nomination and Bio Submission: If you are interested in serving on the organization please submit by June 5 a brief (no longer than one page) bio or resume including contact information to Lorraine Austin at

Utah State Board of Education
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