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State Board Chair Responds to Governor on Standards, Testing

Utah State Board of Education Chair David Crandall issued the following statement in response to Gov. Gary Herbert’s letter to the Board dated May 4, 2016:

“The Utah State Board of Education is cognizant of the issues surrounding the 2010 adoption and implementation of new mathematics and English language arts standards. We appreciate the governor’s perspective on this issue and his continued support of the State Board.

“No set of standards is perfect, and we always look for ways to improve upon them. For example, the Board recently approved an overhaul of more than 50 percent of the K-6 mathematics standards. As has been our practice, we anticipate reexamining all academic standards at certain intervals with the input of professionals and community members throughout the state. As we look at future development and adoption of standards, we intend to maintain a clear separation between standards and curriculum.

“We affirm and agree with maintaining high-quality standards and in keeping instruction and curriculum at local levels, as has historically been the case. As a Board, we have worked to maintain Utah’s autonomy from the federal government and will continue to do so.

“We appreciate the governor’s willingness to consider eliminating SAGE from high school and look forward to working with legislators during a special session.”

Attachment: Gov. Gary Herbert’s letter to the State Board of Education 


Emilie Wheeler, communication specialist
Utah State Board of Education
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