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Utah State Board of Education approves nation’s first statewide digital teaching and learning master plan

The Utah State Board of Education approved the nation’s first statewide digital teaching and learning master plan, entitled Essential Elements for Technology Powered Learning, on Friday, October 9, 2015.

The plan came out of Senate Bill 222 from the 2015 Utah Legislature. The bill required the Board to appoint a task force to create a master plan with an eye on setting up funding for a statewide public school technology program for the Legislature to consider in 2016.

The task force, comprised of superintendents, district technology directors, a charter director, State Board of Education members, lawmakers, and a representative from the Governor’s Education Excellence Commission, met over the summer to develop the plan. The plan aims at creating a qualifying grant program that allows districts and charter schools to apply for funding for technology programs in schools. The program envisions using state contracts for economy of scale that include professional development for teachers and information technology support, but that still allow local discretion in how funds are spent.

The plan is receiving support from members of the education community.

For more information on the task force, visit the Utah Education Network’s page on Digital Learning.


Utah State Board of Education
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