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Notice of Vacancy/Call for Nominations: Competency-based Learning Review Committee

Name of organization: Competency-based Learning Review Committee

Date Posted: September 14, 2016

Date nominations are due to Board Secretary: October 3, 2016

Brief background of what the organization does and the reference in statute or rule establishing the organization: The Competency-based Learning Amendments (S.B. 143) was passed in the 2016 General Legislative Session. This bill calls for the establishment of a review committee to support the Competency-Based Education Grants Program consisting of grants to improve educational outcomes in public schools by advancing student mastery of concepts and skills through the following core principles:

(a) student advancement upon mastery of a concept or skill;
(b) competencies that include explicit, measurable, and transferable learning objectives that empower a student;
(c) assessment that is meaningful and provides a positive learning experience for a student;
(d) timely, differentiated support based on a student’s individual learning needs; and
(e) learning outcomes that emphasize competencies that include application and creation of knowledge along with the development of important skills and dispositions.

As per Utah State Board of Education Rule R277- 712, the review committee shall:

(a) establish metrics to analyze the quality of a grant application;
(b) review an LEA’s planning grant application to determine whether the planning grant application:
(i) meets the criteria described in Section 53A-15-1804 and Section R277-712-5; and
(ii) should be selected by the Board as one of three LEAs to receive a planning grant;
(c) make a recommendation to the Superintendent and the Board on which grant applications should be selected by the Board; and
(d) perform other duties as directed by:
(i) the Board; or
(ii) the Superintendent.
(4) The advisory committee, or the Superintendent on behalf of the advisory committee, shall present the advisory committee’s recommendations on grant applications to the Board for approval.

Who the group advises: The Utah State Board of Education

Number vacancies: 9

Specific representation needed for each vacancy and terms of appointment:
• One member who is an expert in blended learning;
• One member who is an expert in STEM education;
• One member who is an expert in assessment of student learning;
• One member who is a former school district superintendent;
• One member who is a current school administrator;
• One member who is a current charter school administrator;
• One member who is a former LEA administrator;
• One member who is a current teacher; and
• One member who is a former teacher.

Person(s) currently in the positions open for vacancy and their representation: No current members, as this will establish this new organization.

Meetings (specific dates or how often the group meets, where, and for how long): The review board will meet monthly beginning in November 2016 for a two-hour meeting. The dates and times will be established in coordination with the review committee upon approval of membership by the Utah State Board of Education.

Contact for questions: Sarah Young, Coordinator for Digital Teaching and Learning,, (801) 538-7959

Nomination and Bio Submission: If you are interested in serving on this organization, please submit by October 3 a brief bio or resume with contact information to Lorraine Austin at

Utah State Board of Education
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