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HB 286 Implementation FAQ for Providers

Utah Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. What child sexual abuse prevention is required? Beginning in the 2016-17 school year, a school district or charter school shall provide training and instruction on child sexual abuse prevention and awareness to school personnel in elementary and secondary schools and to parents or guardians of elementary school students. While not required by law, a school district or charter may provide training to K-6 students.
  1. Q. Where did this requirement come from? During the 2014 General Session of the Utah State Legislature, lawmakers approved a bill mandating the prevention training program. The bill is now part of Utah Code and can be found in UCA 53A-13-112.
  1. Q. What is the responsibility of the Utah State Board of Education? In partnership with the Utah Department of Human Services, the Utah State Board of Education approves instructional materials for use in training school personnel, parents/guardians, and K-6 students. The Utah State Board of Education will also approve a list of acceptable providers and distribute the list to districts and charter schools.
  1. Q. How is the instructional material created? In conjunction with the Utah Department of Human Services, the Utah State Board of Education convened a work group of experts to create evidenced-based elements of training for youth-serving adults (school personnel), parents/guardians, and youth. This group has submitted these minimum expectations for approval by the Utah State Board of Education, and approval is expected in early summer 2015.
  1. Q. How will the minimum expectations be used? Are these documents the curriculum that will be used in trainings? No. The work group is recommending these are the elements found in effective programs. The documents should not be used in trainings. Advisory evaluators will use the minimum expectations to evaluate applicant programs for the Utah State Board of Education.
  1. Q. Will the Utah State Board of Education require all programs to have every required element in its program? While possible, it is unlikely that the State Board will enforce all of the minimum expectations for the first year. However, the minimum expectations constitute best practices and may be considered guidelines for the future or continued approval.
  1. Q. How can a provider apply to be approved by the Utah State Board of Education? Contact information will be available in summer 2015. Once the application is made, providers of these programs will be invited to present information to a smaller committee charged with evaluating providers for State Board approval.
  1. Q. Can a school district or charter school act as a provider/trainer in conducting the mandated training? Yes. However, the district or charter requires approval as a provider through the Utah State Board of Education.
  1. Q. What is the responsibility of charter schools and school districts? Three fold:

Districts and charter schools must provide training to their elementary and secondary education personnel consistent with UCA 53A-13-112 beginning in the 2016-17 school year.

Training must be offered to the parents/guardians of elementary students after providing sufficient notice to parents/guardians of the training schedule and location(s).

Districts and charter schools may provide training to elementary students. If a district or charter chooses to provide training to students, it must notify parents and guardians of the upcoming training with instructions on how instructional materials may be previewed and with notification of the right of a parent/guardian to excuse in writing their student from the training. Schools may not provide training to students whose parent/guardian has excused them from the training.

Utah State Board of Education
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